You are using a WiFi network (also known as a Hotspot).

WiFi is different from cellular data service. Cellular data service comes from large, strong towers and is very expensive as well as usage limited.

We have many WiFi antenna locations  Each has a limited range.  So, when you use the WiFi, it is important that you remain in the  coverage area.  Just because it worked outside your boat  doesn’t mean it will work inside.   And just because it works on your laptop (which has an antenna located in its lid) does not mean you will get great service (or even service at all) on your phone, tablet of TV (all of which have horrible, internal antennas). It is your responsibility to test & evaluate its suitability to your needs.

That is why it is important to T E S T your connection before signing up.

That is also why there are at least two links on our sign-up page  for you to test your connection FOR FREE. If you are considering a long-term service, then you may want to test for 24 hours using a day pass (which will be credited to your service of a month or more and if asked for within 24 hours of purchasing the long term service)

By logging in with your chosen user name, you are agreeing that you tested the service and are satisfied.


A. Hourly and daily service: Because you are not under a contract, service is automatically canceled when your purchased time expires. It runs continuously from the initial login. We’re sorry, but there are no refunds whatsoever on hourly and daily service.

Trial plan: If you purchased a trial day for testing, and you then sign up for a month or longer (within 7 days), You may ask us to add the time value of the amount paid for the day to your subscription.

B: Longer terms:  There are limited refunds on longer terms (Weekly or greater)

1. Outage Credits: In the case of a service outage (that was our fault), weekly and longer customers will receive time credits for the time you are out of service due to our problem.  You must have opened a trouble ticket on our Help Desk system during the outage and the outage must have been at least 24 hours. (Use your smart phone or call our Help Desk). Credits are not applied for upstream outages, acts of God, or other outages that were not Brightlan’s fault.  We do not provide monetary refunds, only time credits.  You will be required to provide your Help Desk service ticket number for verification

2. Quarterly and longer customers: We have already built in significant discounts to users who purchase by the quarter or longer.  Should you decide to cancel, you may be able to receive a prorated refund based our regular monthly price in effect at the time you paid. In some cases this may result in no refund at all, or even in us needing to collect a balance due.

Unlike other Internet providers we do not require a contract.  You may cancel your service simply by not renewing for the next interval. If you are on automatic payment, we must do it so remember to contact us IN WRITING through our Help Desk link.

Remember, you were given the chance to test the service for free with real external web sites prior to signing up. You were also offered a refundable 1 day plan for more thorough testing. We will exhaust all resources we have to  make your service is satisfactory.  If you wish to pursue some sort of refund due to the level of service you received, and you have never submitted a help desk trouble ticket or asked us to help you then it will be denied. If we work together and decide that “it just isn’t going to work”, then we may issue a pro-rated refund at our discretion, based on our normal daily rate, less any bank charges. If you paid in advance for a long term, we will prorate based on the regular rate. We do not credit for the portion of service you have already used, as shown by your usage data (also available to you in the “Manage Account” screen.. If we show that you consumed data, there is no refund for that period. In some cases this may result in no refund at all, or even in us needing to collect a balance due.

If you have worked with us to troubleshoot and owe you a refund or credit, we will give it to you, however if you charge back, we will cease all troubleshooting and further refund activity.

Credit Card Chargebacks-  DO NOT charge back on your card. You have agreed to resolve any disputes directly with us.  If it just “doesn’t work”, we are easy to work with. But you must work with us to troubleshoot.   We do contest ALL chargebacks and do win them, because we have the proof that you agreed that you had tested and found the service satisfactory.  If you charge back and we show any data usage on your account at all, then you are guilty of Theft Of Service under Georgia law.  

To enhance your signal indoors, we only support our Direct Connect device, available  in our Web Store