Antenna / Router / Wireless Access Point, 75 foot Ethernet cable, Tax, Shipping $249.95 total

Your order is NOT COMPLETE until you go to our help desk  (http://helpdesk.brightlan.net) and open a ticket, letting us know the following information:

A.  Your name.

B.  Your shipping address.

C. Your account's user name on our system.

D. Your  Dock and Slip (or cabin) number.

E. Tell us

    1.  What you want your onboard wireless network to be named. You will be connecting to this via wireless)

    2.   What you want your private encryption code to be    (8 alphanumeric characters)

    If you do not choose, we will assign them for you.


F. When the order is complete, the unit will be sent to you.  We try to ship in 1-2 days as long as we have stock on hand. We can also arrange a local pick up in Kennesaw

Note: The location chosen must have line of sight to our distribution antenna. This may be the Marina Office.  It will not be the normal WiFi access point on your dock.  We may ask you for a photo of your mounting location and the view it has.

Most users can take advantage of a new service we call “Direct Connection”.  

It is a small antenna that mounts on the outside and directly connects you to our distribution network. This gives you a full speed wired Ethernet connection inside the boat, plus your own data-encrypted WiFI access point. If your Internet subscription is current, then it also eliminates the need to log in to the welcome screen. The one-time equipment cost is $249.95 and it comes with a wireless router.

Some of the benefits of Direct Connect and on board WiFi:

Its not hard to do It Yourself, but we also have an independent contractor you can call. The antenna mounts outside to a handrail or post using an included stainless steel hose clamp. Suggested locations include the anchor light, the arch or a handrail. In a cabin or RV you can place it on an outside wall. There is a ball and socket adjustment for final adjustment.

The location chosen needs to have decent line of sight to our distribution antenna. This means no (or few trees, vehicles or other boats in the way). Our distribution antenna is not in all cases the access point on or near your dock. Before we fill your order, we will try to make sure that we think you are in range.  We may need to ask you for a photo of your mounting location and the view it has.

You must route the included Ethernet cable from the outside unit to the place you wish to centrally locate the indoor wireless access point and power supply.  

The indoor unit will provide the WiFi signal plus three Ethernet connections for hardwired devices.  The equipment has been especially selected for close-quarters marina use to cause as little interference to other users as possible. When centrally located it is strong enough to cover most boats but yet not interfere. Simple enough to do the job without paying for needless bells and whistles. If coverage in your boat is blocked, or you have an extremely large houseboat, we do offer a remote slave unit you can add.

The power supply and access point are designed for INDOOR use only. The antenna is weather resistant and must be mounted outside though. If you choose to mount the antenna on the dock and not the boat itself, you are totally on your own.

This equipment must be purchased from and programmed by us. It is installed by you.

If you are not comfortable doing this, we will be glad to refer a contractor who will do it for you. We will also need some basic information from you for programming.

The total purchase price for the equipment  (Antenna/router/WiFi Access Point and connecting Ethernet Cable)  is only $249.95. It belongs to you and there is no extra monthly charge.   


Sample installations.

The device is really just about 8 inches in diameter.

We welcome your installation photos