If you do not understand this, please open a Help Desk ticket at http://help.brightlan.net and we will Email or call you

1. You need to be on the login page for your network.

2. Click on the "Manage Account" link on the upper left.

3. Log in to the account maintenance section using the user name and password as described above. There is a link there for recovering your password if you have forgotten it.

4.  Choose a new password, entering it twice for confirmation. You'll probably have to use at least 6 characters (letters & numbers only).

5.  Correct the user information- especially the address where the service is used (so we can make sure you get the best service). Enter your mobile phone number so we can contact you if needed.

6.   If you want to be able to have your password sent to your mobile phone if you forget it, please select your mobile carrier and enter your phone number in the provided spaces.

7. Click on "Update User Detail", then at the top of the page click on "Logout" and you will be taken back to the front page where you can log in.

You can now easily access & maintain your own account without having to wait for us to help you. Note that we cannot see or tell you your account password. You will have to request it using the method below.